The Club over a year run three single competitions these being Ladies Knockout Singles, Gents Knockout Singles and a Singles Competition.

                                    Ladies & Gents Knockout Singles

The dates of these Competitions are Ladies Knockout Singles Second Thursday in November and Gents Knockout Singles First Thursday in January. The format of both competitions are identical a notice will be posted on the Club Notice Board inviting members from either sex to enter the competition by placing their name on the notice. At the closing date a draw will take place to ascertain order of play.

The players will play their opponents over 9 ends with the winner progressing to the next round and will continue in this format until the last two players are reached who will play each other in the final over 11 ends.

                                                Singles Competition

This competition usually takes place on the first Thursday to the third Thursday in December and the first Thursday to the second Thursday in January and is open to all members who may enter by submitting their name on the entry form posted on the Club Notice Board. At the closing date a draw will take place to see which group players will play.

Depending on numbers each player will play three games of 10 ends with the winner qualifying for the semi final and depending on numbers next best will either qualify for the semi final or be assessed to see if they are the fourth placed from the other groups. The Semi Final will be played over 10 ends with the 1st and 2nd qualifying for the Final which will be played over 12 ends.  

                                                    Past Winners

            Date            Singles Winner

        2002 - 03           Steve Kerr

        2003 - 04           Steve Kerr

        2004 - 05           Steve Kerr

        2005 - 06           Steve Kerr

        2006 - 07           Graham Geall

        2007 - 08           Nicky Trickett

        2008 - 09           Rose Ryder

        2009 - 10           Steve Kerr

        2010 - 11           Steve Kerr                

          2011 - 12           Steve Kerr           Ladies Knockout Winner            Gents Knockout Winner             

        2012 - 13           Steve Kerr                      Rose Ryder                                Steve Kerr

          2013 - 14           Steve Kerr                      Evelyn Ponton                            Eric Armstrong

          2014 - 15          Steve Kerr                      Jean Gooch                                Steve Kerr

          2015 - 16          Steve Kerr                      Rose Ryder                                 Paul Tilbury

          2016 - 17          Steve Kerr                        Not Run                                     Eric Armstrong

        2017 - 18          Steve Kerr                     Evelyn Ponton                                Not Run